RWD Limited Slip Differential Installation Specs

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RWD Limited Slip Differential Installation Specs

Post by YCW » Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:01 am

- Measure back lash and bearing preload and mark the OEM C-Clips prior to removal so they can be reinstalled on the same side during reassembly
- Bolt ring gear to LSD @ 80 ft. lbs. torque (E92 LSD) or 70 ft. lbs. (E46 LSD)
- Press bearing races on LSD
- Install LSD with bearings into housing using the OEM C-Clips
- Measure backlash (0.003” – 0.009” acceptable)
- Measure bearing preload (2-10 inch lbs. acceptable)
- Check with marking compound for acceptable gear pattern

If backlash needs adjustment, install shims under bearing races with thinner replacement C-Clip

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