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Post by YCW » Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:55 am

I want a custom made gearset, can you make it for me?
Due to the tooling costs involved with Forged Gears, we are unable to offer custom one-off gears. If you are inquiring about our OEM/ODM Development Service, please contact us for further information

Do your gears require any special fluids or additives?
We highly recommend the use of Torco Transmission Fluid/Gear Oils when our gears are installed with a stock differential or our Limited Slip Differentials. While it is not a necessity, we observe a transmission fluid change every 2-3 Engine Oil changes. However, this is dependent on your actual mileage and frequency of usage in competition environments

Do I need to break-in your gears?
Our gears are fully finished and ready to run right out of the box. However, we do highly recommend that an initial fluid flush be performed after 3-400miles or 1 tank of gas, whichever comes first. The use of Torco Transmission Fluid/Gear Oil and our Magnetic Drain Plugs is highly recommended
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